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Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are one of the most important items in your home. They are the early warning item that gives you the most time to leave if there is a fire. Did you know that smoke from a fire will put you into a much deeper sleep, and even the fire itself won’t wake you […]

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

It is now coming into summer and we all know what that means, It is going to get HOT!! a little bit of maintenance of your Air Conditioner in your home will keep them running at the most efficient during this time of year. Lets look at the parts of the Air conditioner and what […]

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Safety Switches

    This post is about safety switches. I am sure not many of you know much about the safety switch in your house or what it does or how it work. Well lets shed some light on these areas What is a Safety Switch? A Safety Switch is located in your switchboard and is […]

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