Here is some indicative pricing for undertaking work at your Home or Business. Having some pricing to work with helps make the decision  easier as to whether to get it done or not, and to help with the budgeting for your renovations.

Installing a power point  –  $100 – $250
Installing a Ceiling Fan  –  $150 – $250
Installing a Light  –  $100 – $250
Replacing a Light  – $80  – $150
Installing an Outside Power point  –  $200  – $350
Standard House Rewire  –  $6000  – $8000
Installing a Smoke Alarm  –  $150 – $250
Switchboard Upgrade  – $800 – $2000
Installing a Safety Switch  –  $250 – $500

These prices are a guide only. Here are a few things that may influence the price:

The ease of access eg is there a manhole, ceiling space or wall cavity.
The material the Building is made from eg Timber or Brick.
The Age and Quality of the existing wiring.
How far existing services that we can tap into are away from the new equipment to be installed.
The amount of work being completed at the same time. The more completed at the same time the cheaper it is.


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